NEW Reschedule Request Form

Tutoring appointments may only be rescheduled when a regularly scheduled appointment is missed due to:
1) excused tutee absences (tutee competition/traveling for a competition, or illness)
2) tutor absence
*If the tutor has completed an instructional material for the missed appointment due to tutee absence, the reschedule request will not be granted.

Before submitting the one-time reschedule request, the following must be completed:
-Submit online tutee absence form
-Report tutor absence

***The requested one-time rescheduled appointment date/time must occur AFTER the missed/standard appointment***

Not all reschedules are granted. They must first be approved. If you do not receive an email regarding the reschedule, please do not meet. Please keep in mind that reschedule requests may take 2-3 days to process.

If you are looking to request a second time to meet each week, please leave all "Standard Appointment" boxes blank. Only fill out the "Requested Reschedule" boxes.
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