2017 Membership Survey of Plano Lacrosse Association

Plano Lacrosse is a member controlled non-profit Lacrosse Club whose purpose rests in providing young men with the opportunity to train, play, and grow the game of Lacrosse throughout the community. In carrying out this purpose, emphasis is placed upon sportsmanship, fair play, winning with humility,and losing with grace. In the process, these young athletes will learn to strengthen their resolve through perseverance, while further developing mental and athletic strength along with resiliency.

As is our process, we seek your highly valued feedback through the following survey on how the Plano Lacrosse Board, both current and upcoming, can improve Plano Lacrosse for the 2017-2018 season.

Please note that your participation in this survey is critically important as we expect that the Texas High School Lacrosse League (THSLL) will require Plano Lacrosse to move up to the Division-I level of competition for the coming season. That said, your responses will help form the best approach moving forward as we seek continuous improvement, growth, and meet the challenges of competing at the Division-I level.

The survey is designed where we request you as the membership answer questions covering a wide range of topics. These topics will include - Coaching, Practices, Dues, Volunteer Involvement, etc.

Please provide your responses to all the questions provided below so that together; we can improve and forge the future of Plano Lacrosse for these young athletes with a passion for the game, and for those in our community who have yet to experience the thrill and camaraderie of Lacrosse.

Many questions ask you to rank your answer on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being detrimental and 10 being exceptional.

    This survey should talk approximately 15 minutes to complete.