Page One Board Member Application
Founded in 2000, Page One works during the academic year to foster a love of reading in community youth by collaborating with school and local partners. The organization’s student-led board is made up of a president, treasurer, programs coordinator, one-time events coordinator, and webmaster and publicity coordinator.

1. Programs Coordinator
The Page One Programs Coordinator is the official liaison between the volunteers, our board, and the CCE. The Programs Coordinator is primarily responsible for the logistical components of Page One programs, including assigning volunteers to programs and providing confirmed volunteers with more detailed information about their programs. In conjunction with the board, the Programs Coordinator is responsible for checking in with volunteers to make sure that they have the support they need throughout the semester. This may mean visiting programs, organizing supplies, or helping out with board meetings.

The program coordinator will work two 8 hr shifts on Thursday, Sept. 5th and Friday, Sept. 6th for a total of 16 hours getting in contact with community partners to begin program coordination. Throughout the semester the program coordinator holds 3 paid office hours/week in the CCE to fulfill their responsibilities. During the first few weeks of the semester, the Programs Coordinator is expected to answer emails and troubleshoot any issues with programming outside of their office hours. If you are great with logistics and want to help make Page One an awesome experience for our volunteers, this could be the job for you! Reach out to Caroline Harrison at to learn more about this position!

2. One-time Events Coordinator
The One-time Events Coordinator is responsible for organizing and running one-time events for Addison County. In previous years, this has included our Halloween party, reading at Quidditch Tournament, our Spring Family Literacy Event, and events with the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Vergennes. The One-time Events Coordinator is responsible for engaging with organizations that do not typically work with Page One, working with other Middlebury College students, and figuring out how Page One can complement and support what those organizations are already doing. There is lots of flexibility in terms of when the events will be and what sorts of events will happen. If you are creative and organized, this could be the job for you! Reach out to Mari Odoy at to learn more about this position!

3. Treasurer
The treasurer for Page One works on the budget report and finances for the semester. This means working with the rest of the board to figure out how much money the club needs for events, gas mileage, meetings, and such. The treasurer is in charge of submitting all vouchers to track spending. If you’re organized and good at planning ahead, this could be the job for you! The time commitment is 1-2 hours per week. Reach out to Inez Lee at to learn more about this position!

4. President

The president is the visionary of Page One. Working in close ties with each board member, the president is in charge of keeping the organization strong and organizes all meetings. The president also is tasked with working with Page One's advisor to improve the longevity and capacity of Page One. If you are passionate about Page One and want to assist in making Page One better, then this could be the position for you! Reach out to Conner Gilbert at to learn more about this position!

Please complete this application by Monday, April 29th, 2019 and email if you have any questions.
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