Teach Indy Educators Conference Award Nomination Form
Thank you for your interest in nominating a teacher for a teacher award from Teach Indy. We are looking forward to awarding 20 educators from across center township for their excellent work with students. Upon completion of the application, your nominee will receive a follow up to complete their application by end of March. Awardees will be named on April 11th during the Teach Indy Educators Conference. Please visit: teachindynow.org to register and learn more.

Nominations are due by Mar. 24, 2021

Please be sure to check if you are nominating an eligible teacher for the award(s) by reviewing this document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u6KCjBCyZ5xrMeih-1BIbIyRU5aGlyXy3GkZ30NES1M/edit?ts=602ea2a6
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How does this teacher demonstrate leadership skills and efforts to promote collaboration, student engagement, and community and family involvement? (250 words or less) *
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