GCS Student Bullying Report Form
Please complete this form to make a report about bullying. The report will be sent to the GCS district office representative who will share the information with the appropriate school level administrator during regular school hours.

If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate assistance, please call 911 or PARTNERS help line at

All concerns are important to us! The criteria for bullying are very specific and described below. If you do not think your situation fits the criteria for bullying but is still represents a concern to you, please contact an administrator or other staff member at your school for assistance with your concern.

What is bullying? Based on the NC Bullying Law 115C407.15
Bullying is a pattern (repeated) of ONE or more of the following:
* gesture,
* physical act,
* communication (verbal/written/electronic/social media)
AND results in
ONE or more of the following:
* damage to property,
* places student in actual and reasonable fear of harm to his/her person,
* creates or is certain to create a hostile environment by substantially interfering with or impairing a student's educational performance, opportunities or benefits.
* hostile environment meets both of these criteria: student subjectively views the conduct as bullying or harassing behavior and behavior is objectively severe or pervasive enough that a reasonable person would agree it is bullying or harassing behavior.

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First and last name of person completing this form (if you are not the student named above). Type NA if anonymous, but it is helpful if we can contact you if additional information is needed. *
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Name of individual(s) who you are reporting as bullies. Try to include both first and last name(s). *
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Name(s) of observer(s) or bystander(s) who may have seen the incident. Type NA if you do not know. Try to include both first and last name(s). *
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