Mr. Korpi's Calculus BC STUDENT Questionnaire 2021-2022
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Please choose one of the following to describe what you think best represents how you have done in your past math courses. *
Please read my Cell Phone use policy: Mr. Korpi does not allow cell phones to be out at all during instruction time.  Any student found in violation of this rule will have their phone confiscated.  This phone may then be picked up in Mr. Korpi's room after school that day following a student-teacher conference.  Please type your initials (First & Last) to acknowledge this policy. *
Initial (First & Last) below stating you have read & understand my tutorial policy: I understand that Mr. Korpi is available for the tutorial times each morning at 8:15 AM & after school until 4:25 (except on Monday afternoons when I have duty). It is my job to know these times and come in for tutorials to make up work or get help on assignments. *
Initial (First & Last) below stating you have read & understand my re-testing policy: This is AP Calculus, a Level 4 class.  No retests or test corrections are offered. *
Initial (First & Last) below stating you have read & understand my late work policy: I understand that homework is due at the BEGINNING of each class period on the day it is due. Any assignment after this is considered late and will receive a maximum grade of 70.  I will accept late work up until the day we test over the unit from the the homework was assigned.  After the exam, missing homework becomes zeros.  Make up TESTS will be all short answer.   *
Initial (First & Last) below stating you have read & understand my calculator policy: This course will incorporate the use of a graphing calculator. Mr. Korpi will demonstrate how to properly and powerfully use this handheld computer using a TI-84 family calculator.  While I do have calculators for classroom use, these calculators cannot leave the classroom.  Therefore, I encourage each student who does not currently own a graphing calculator to purchase a TI-84 family calculator.  This device has all the power and capabilities a student might need for any advanced math course in high school or beyond.  If not, for home use, you can use the online emulator. *
Initial (First & Last) below stating you have read & understand my expectations of you in this class as stated in your student contract (available at *
Initial (First & Last) below stating you have read & understand my Academic Integrity Policy: I have read the definition and types of Academic Dishonesty from the Parent/Student Letter, and I am aware of the consequences and penalties. *
I have read and discussed the parent/student letter with my parent/guardian(s).  I understand the course policies and will support them.  I personally TALK to (not email/phone call) Mr. Korpi if I have any concerns on my progress or grade in his class.  I understand that it is my responsibility to turn assignments in on time, attend tutorials as needed, and come to class prepared with all my materials AND my iPad charged. I will also keep my parent/guardian(s) informed of my progress and grade in this class. I will put forth my best effort in this class as well as ALL my other courses. Type your initials (First & Last). This will serve as your signature. *  This is the website to which you must go to enroll into your particular period's AP Classroom (the enrollment code is posted in my classroom.)  Quizzes and occasional assignments will be given through this website.  Initial below (First & Last) to acknowledge that you will do this. *
As a student in Mr. Korpi's AP Calculus class, I know the expectation is that I will not only TAKE the AP Calculus Exam, but I will PASS the exam.  With Mr. Korpi's help and expertise combined with my diligent efforts, a path towards a perfect AP score of 5 will be paved for me to follow right up to the AP Calculus Exam test date, which is on which date? *
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