f(x) 10th Anniversary Project Ideas Evaluation
Dear MeU! Following the survey from a while ago, I'm looking to see what you would like to do for f(x) 10th anniversary. The raffle was dropped, sadly, due to budgeting issues. (to put it simply, it's too expensive).
NOTE!! If there is anything you want to ask, DM me on Twitter!
Would you donate money for an advertisement in Korea that promotes f(x)'s anniversary?
IF (and IF!) we don't gather enough donations, what else would be okay to do with the money we collect from you?
What would you think about having a special line of merchandise for f(x)'s 10th anniversary that any of you can buy? (eg. t-shirts, mugs)
What this means exactly: since we'd need money for our main project, I thought of making our own line of T-shirts, mugs, etc. with a special design related to f(x)/their 10th anniv, which MeU can buy, help our project and also celebrate f(x)'s anniversary. How would it work? A website can host the designs, and you can order them, pay for them through the site and get them delivered to you in a couple of weeks.
Would you buy anything from that merch line?
Would you like an extra project that doesn't involve money?
Would you participate in a video project?
Yes, you would have to show your face in it.
Do you have any other ideas for extra, non-money involving projects? Tell me about them here:
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