2018 Garmin Marathon Volunteer Grant Group Request
Use this form to request for your group to volunteer for the Grant Group Program.
Grant Group Promotion Information
The Garmin Marathon offers a fun volunteering opportunity. Qualifying volunteer groups of ten or more will receive $20 for every volunteer** through a grant group program. For example, if your group has 10 members register and volunteer, a donation of $200 will be made to your group. (Volunteers for the Grant Groups may only participate as COURSE MONITORS or as Tear Down Crew on race day to receive the donations.)

**No one group will receive more than $800.00 in donation monies from the Grant Group Program.

**(Volunteers for the Grant Groups may only participate as COURSE MONITORS or as Tear Down Crew on Race day to receive the donations.) If volunteers donate for other volunteer opportunities from your group, those will not go towards the donation back to your group.

**Groups can be non-profits, clubs, schools, teams, or other organizations.

**Payment will be paid to the group within 1 month after the race, and we must receive a signed W-9 to send check.

**Anyone 16 and older can be a course monitor at an intersection on their own. Anyone 9-15 years old must be accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age. 8 an under are not allowed to be course monitors.

How to get your volunteers registered:

Each volunteer must complete a different online form after your group as been approved. At the bottom of that next form there is a drop down selection box where each volunteer can select your group name. You will receive an email with instructions to send your volunteers.

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Guidelines Agreement
In order to receive payment for your Grant Group with the 2018 Garmin Marathon these conditions must be met:

1. Any social media post or comments by your group on any websites referencing Garmin, Garmin International, Garmin Marathon, Olathe Chamber of Commerce, Olathe Convention and Visitors Bureau, or VisitOlathe.org must meet the standards of these items below:
a. Refrain from comments that can be interpreted as slurs, vulgarity, demeaning, inflammatory, etc.
b. Respect copyrights and fair use
c. Protect confidential & proprietary info

2. Those volunteers must show up and work the 2-4 hour shifts assigned, and only the amount of volunteers who work will count towards the payment.

4. Not complying with any of these standards will forfeit the payment to your group from the 2018 Garmin Marathon.

Does your group agree to uphold the above guideline agreement with the 2018 Garmin Marathon? *
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