Mythical Lands Whitelist Application

Mythical Lands is a small indie Minecraft network created by Tarlow that's all about having fun, being creative, going on adventures, and building a community.

My main goal is to make sure everyone feels safe and has a great time playing with their friends, using their imagination, and exploring the world through the custom Minecraft game modes I create.

⚠️ Player Rules ⚠️ 
1. Player Harassment, trolling, or disrespecting other players is not tolerated. 
2. Spamming Chat or sharing links to other servers is not allowed. In-game advertisements (for shops, towns, etc.) are limited to once per 5 minutes. 
3. Building Near Others: Please be courteous of other player’s towns and do not build within 100 blocks of another player’s town without first asking their permission. 
4. Griefing Altering, destroying or removing/placing of blocks/items on claimed land is not allowed. Be sure to claim your land to establish protection. 
5. Hacking & Glitch Exploitation: Hacking or abusing a glitch isn’t allowed. 
6. AFK Bypass & Lag Machines: AFK bypassing and machines that cause lag are not allowed on the server 
7. Punishment Evasion: Do not bypass a punishment issued to you by a Staff Member. 
8. Alternate Accounts: We do not allow alt accounts. 
9. No Macros/Auto-clickers: That also goes for unplugging or taping down mouse. 

  👾 Discord Rules 👾 
1. Chat Guidelines: Please follow all applicable chat rules above. 
2. Channels: Always use each channel on the discord server for it’s designated purpose. Avoid misusing channels, i.e Posting a Meme in #Support. 
3. Bot Abuse: Do not abuse any of the bots on the discord server. This includes using them to spam messages. 
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Do you understand things inside the game/game modes can and will change at anytime? (I always take care to ensure data is backed up).

This is a passion project and I like to test out new ideas without feeling limited or constrained. This is the main reason I created this place.
Do you understand that Mythical Lands is built, managed, maintained, by 1 person and updates support can be limited at times? *
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