Philly DSA 2022 Labor Survey
The workplace is a key site of struggle in our fight for democratic socialism. This survey is designed to provide Philly DSA labor organizers with useful information about where our members work, what unions/workplace organizing campaigns we are a part of, and to gauge interest among the membership in taking on jobs in strategic sectors of the economy. All responses will be kept confidential, to be used only for internal Philly DSA labor organizing.
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Are you a union member, a union staffer, or currently organizing your workplace? *
If you are a union member or staffer, which union and local?
If you are a union member or staffer, what roles do you play in your union? Select all that apply.
If you aren't currently in a union or actively organizing your workplace, are you interested in the following? Select all that apply.
If you are interested in getting a job at a strategic workplace, which industries would you consider?
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