MaloKing's Character Commissions

★(Prices in USD, United States, Currency)★


▶ Cell Shading is mostly hard edged shadows, little to no soft edged shadows.

▶ Rendered Shading is when both hard and soft edged shadows are used to make a more real-ish look. Takes a lot more time/effort to do.

    ♦ Chibi Style Work

    ( 'Deformed/Cute Anime' Style) 20 - Sketch 30 - Flat colors 50 - Shaded (Only Cell Shade offered for chibis)

    ♦ Portraits

    (Bust/Ribs area and up.) 30 - Sketch 60 - Linework 80 - Flat Colors 85 - Cell Shaded 90 - Rendered (soft & hard edged shading)

    ♦ Thigh and Up

    40 - Sketch 70 - Linework 90 - Flat Color 110 - Cell Shaded 125 - Rendered (soft & hard edged shading)

    ♦ Full Body

    60 - Sketch 80 - Linework 110 - Flat Color 120 - Cell Shaded 140 - Rendered (soft & hard edged shading)

    ♦ Character Sheets

    200 - Flat Color Character Sheet • The price above is for a front and back basic character sheet with a costumed, and ''non'' costumed figure if wanted. You also get one weapon/main item, displayed if you wish, and color swatches. 300 - Flat Color Detailed Character Sheet • The price above are for full character sheet. Include a front, back and side view, clothed and ''non'' if wanted. You also get a weapon/main item carried, two important small items (such as jewelery/keepsake), two expression images, and color swatches on the side.

    ♦ Add-Ons

    • Additional characters 'in the same image' do have a cost associated. However it can very with how much of the second character is shown and how detailed. So if you want two characters in one image ask and I'll give ya a quote! <3 • No Complex Backgrounds at this time. General patterns/shapes/colors/etc or transparency for backgrounds is ok.