Lobitcoin Airdrop
Phase 1 of the Lobitcoin platform airdrop is now live.
(25 million initial token circulation-see white paper)
Get 100 LBT coin for joining, and also would be rewarded according to your referral counts (10 LBT per referral).
To participate in the airdrop, follow the instructions below:
1.  Join telegram group https://t.me/lobitcoin
2a.  Follow twitter account https://twitter.com/lobitcoin
b.  Retweet the pinned tweet and tag 5 friends
3.  Visit https://lobitcoin.io and download a compatible desktop wallet
4.  Fill out the form below.
5.  Join our email list to receive news and updates (this will be done when you sign up for air drop)

NOTE- All details will be checked for strict compliance. Anyone failing to comply WILL NOT receive tokens.

You will receive your tokens within 7 - 14 business days (this is subject to change)

If you encounter any problem, seek support/guidance from the admins in the telegram group.

Email address *
Telegram Name (must join our telegram group to be eligible https://t.me/lobitcoin) *
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Twitter Handle (username)
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LobitCoin Wallet Address *
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Referral If Any (telegram name)
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NOTE:  I acknowledge that I have installed the lobitcoin wallet and am absolutely sure that I have entered the correct wallet address to receive lobitcoin.   I also understand that Lobitcoin is not responsible if I put in an incorrect/incompatible wallet.  Failure to put in a correct lobitcoin wallet address will result in complete and irreversible loss of coins. (Please note: If you have any questions please contact support at support@lobitcoin.io.  For faster service goto the lobitcoin telegram group (https://t.me/lobitcoin) and contact an official lobitcoin admin.)
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