Educate 2 Action Summer Bootcamp
The Abu Unity Foundation is a proud member of the Virginia Action Network (VAN) a project of the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (Ed Fund) and is hosting an Education to Action summer Bootcamp.

Education to Action “Ed2Ac” is a workshop and toolkit offered at no cost to participants by the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence.

Ed2Ac is designed for people whose families and communities are impacted by gun violence and want to take action but may not yet have the tools to advocate for change to prevent gun violence at the local, state, and federal levels.

For this program to be beneficial, full participation from beginning to end is required. We ask that you come ready to be engaged and solution-focused.

Bootcamp Target age 14-54 years old (willing to accept older participants/)

Location: North Phoebus Community Center; 249 W Chamberlin Ave, Hampton, VA
Day and Time: Every Friday (until further notice) | 530P -7P
Facilitators: Abu Unity Foundation / Virginia Action Network (VAN) a project Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence
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