SG Mini-THON Leadership Application 2021-22
SGASD 8-12th graders are welcome to apply to be on the SG Mini-THON Leadership Team.

The Mini-THON Leadership Team structure will be as follows: the chain of command will be Committee Member to Captain to Overall to Ms. Staub. If there are any issues or concerns, you MUST follow the proper chain of command. There will also be an expectation policy that will need to be signed by you and your parent/guardian.

We are excited to receive your application! If you are selected for an interview, we will let you know. Please email with any questions.

Deadline for applications is Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 2:30pm. FTK!
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Last Name *
First Name *
Grade *
(For current 2021-2022 school year)
Birthday *
Cell Phone *
Guardian's Cell phone *
Email Address *
Put an email address down that you check daily.
(Grade point average from last school year). If you are unsure of your GPA, please make a good guess. (4.0 is all As. 3.0 would be Bs. 2.0 would be Cs.
Approximate number of absences last year *
Mini-THON involvement *
Please check each year you've been involved with the Mini-THON
Donation totals *
List each year with your donation total.
Were you in the Mini-THON club previously? *
Were you on the Mini-THON Leadership Team previously? *
Are you able to attend weekly Mini-THON leadership meetings at 6:30am at the HS? *
(If transportation is an issue, you may be able to car pool with other team members. MS students can ride the bus back over to the MS after the meeting.)
3 strikes and you're out! If you miss or are late for 3 meetings without a legitimate excuse given to an overall prior to the meeting, then you will be permanently removed from the leadership team. Do you understand this policy? *
Do you have daily access to the internet and email from home? *
Do you understand that you are required to register and attend the SG Mini-THON on March 12, 2022? *
Please list the number of lunch detentions, after school detentions, ISS (in school suspensions), and OSS (out of school suspensions) you were assigned last year. *
Please list the extracurriculars you plan to be involved in this school year. *
(i.e. be a buddy, student council, science olympiad, breaking boundaries, music/theatre, etc.)
Please list the school sports teams & season that you plan to be involved with this school year. *
Please list the club sports & season that you plan to be involved with this school year. *
(i.e.Club Soccer-all year, Club Volleyball-Spring)
Please list the approximate hours/week that you will be working this school year. *
Being on the Mini-THON Leadership Team is very time consuming. How are you going to balance your grades, a captain or committee position, and any other commitments you may have? *
Based on the leadership experiences listed, what is the single most important leadership quality you have exhibited and why? *
Please list (in bullet form) your past leadership experiences, both inside and outside of Mini-THON. *
How do you feel your leadership skills will contribute to the Mini-THON Leadership Team? *
What suggestions or ideas do you have that will improve the Mini-THON and the future of this fundraiser? *
Why do you want to be on the Mini-THON Leadership Team? *
Below is a link that provides descriptions for each of the 2021-2022 Mini-THON Leadership positions. Please read over each position and list captain or committee and the position in order of preference. * (Administrative Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator, Corporate Relations, Dancer Relations, Entertainment, Fundraising/Special Events, Family & Public Relations, Finance, Merchandise, Morale, OPP.)
Do you have a driver's license and a car to drive to school or other Mini-THON related activities? *
(If are are getting your licence and a car before Mini-THON, please type when you will get your car and driver's license in "other.")
Please write down a potential 16 count for the 2021-2022 SG Line Dance. *
Please write down a creative 16 count of words for the SG Line Dance. ~You may include words relating to current events, SG events, TV shows, movies, music, Mini-THON inspirational messages, and/or beating cancer messages.) Example: 8 beats—We are ready for the fight, cancer say goodnight! Please do NOT write "I don't know!"
By checking agree, I am stating that I have read the responsibilities of the Mini-THON Leadership Team. I understand that this is a significant time commitment and will require a lot of hard work. If I am selected for this position, I also understand that I may need transportation for different Mini-THON events. *
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