When the Sleeping Dead Still Talk (The Hotel #2) by Jennifer Anne Gordon
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Genre: Dark/Gothic horror

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In the late summer of 1873, a tragedy fell like summer sun on the gray jagged shores of Dagger Island. The sun shines like knives through a window and it wakes Father Francis, from a nightmare born into reality.

It one startling moment on an early summer morning, Francis loses everything he thought his life was, and what it could have become. His heart breaks and his feet run, all the way back to his childhood home, he reaches for a past that may not exist.

He is there, in the little house in Dorchester Neck. A place haunted with missing time. He feels loved, by his Ma’, he feels the comfort from walls that lean in too close, but then …He feels the trauma that ripped his life in two and in a blink of an eye he is back at the hotel. He can feel the summer sun’s memories fade as the cold fingers of winter wrap around him. He does not know how he got there, or indeed if he ever really left.

Francis has lived his whole life veiled in the memories that are more alive than his present. The current days fade away before he can hold on to him. Everything he knows, or thought he knew begins to peel away. Everything he was or thought he could have been is gone. He realizes he may be a monster, and the person he has fallen in love with may not even exist. Francis holds onto the memories he thinks are real …until he is almost consumed by them.

Francis is isolated in a world of mesmerism, with his tormentor and healer Doctor Hughes.

Francis is in this hotel with his past, his present, and who he believes to be his future. Isabelle. His world is a labyrinth … he feels her hand in his. The fingers intertwine and there is nothing left but her …

She is a memory, a ghost, and a hallucination.

He can almost remember the moment when his father’s glass shattered into his face…he can almost remember who he was before he was broken in two.

He can almost remember…

He can almost…

He can…

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