Holiday Train
Please complete this form to sign up to volunteer for the Holiday Train at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union, IL. You can elect to get service hours for your time or get money into your school account for future trips. The day is split so you can sign up for a morning or afternoon shift or the whole day if you would like. If you are an 8th grader, an adult must volunteer with you.  
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Friday, November 26-Sunday, November 28
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December 4th and 5th
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December 11th and 12th
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Rules and Responsibilities
You have the choice to volunteer and have your hours count towards service hours (TRI-M), or you may use this to help fund your tour accounts/ Washington DC trip.  YOU MAY NOT DOUBLE DIP!  

At this time the train museum will be donating $9.00 per hour per person to the student that is specified on the time card. Parents can volunteer to raise funds for their child. This is a donation, you are actually volunteering your time, and therefore taxes will not be taken out.  There are a limited amount of spots available for this project, so don’t hesitate to sign up!

This project is a lot of fun and we’re grateful for the opportunity to volunteer for it again this year. We got great feedback from the organization last year, so thanks for doing such a great job!

Dress Code and Rules:
*All 8th grade students must have a parent working with them ~ No Exceptions~ Younger siblings should not attend if parents are volunteering to work.
*You will need to punch in and out in order to have your account or hours credited. When your shift is over you should punch out immediately, do not walk around the park or socialize first.  If you do not show up on time they may not be able to use you.  
*Electronics of any type (I-pods, cell phone etc.) are not to be used during working hours. This is to be treated like a regular job, customer service is important.  If we have to keep asking you to put away your electronics then they may have you punch out and leave for the day.
*We will not be there, you will report directly to the IRM staff at the white office building across from the diner and work where they need you, please be accommodating.
*Please be aware of the amount of funds you are earning. If funds exceeding the amount of the trip are earned, the following will apply: 8th Grade Washington DC students will donate the overage to Hampshire Middle School.  All other groups will donate the full amount of money earned to their organization. Monies earned will never be given directly to a family.
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