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The WPRA Student Connections Committee is dedicated to providing engaging professional development opportunities for students and young professionals who are looking to further gain insight into the exciting field of parks and recreation. One way we achieve this is through our mentoring program. This program pairs distinguished professionals (our mentors) with a student or young professionals (our mentees) who can benefit from have a networking relationship with a current professional in the industry. If you’re interested in participating in this unique mentoring program for the 2020 campaign please fill out the simple form below no later than Feb 15th, 2020. We highly encourage individuals participating in this program to attend the WRPA's annual conference April 21-24th, in Tacoma WA. This is a great opportunity to meet your mentor or mentee.

This program is intended to be a yearlong commitment. We encourage meeting once a month for approximately 1 hr. The benefits of participating in this program for both parties are plentiful. Several include; the mentee has an opportunity to expand their knowledge and skill set by gaining valuable advice from a professional with first hand experiences. The mentor is provided an opportunity to give back to the profession as well as further develop their personal leadership skills.

Thank you for participating! You will be contacted via email with your pairing by mid-march by Carissa Ware, Athletic Programs & Sport Complexes Allocation Supervisor, or C.J. Stanford, Recreation Supervisor - City of Mercer Island, - cj.stanford@mercergov.org. If you have any questions before that point, feel free to reach out to Carissa Ware - cware@spokanecity.org
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