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Virginia Beach City Public Schools is committed to engaging every student in meaningful, authentic, and rigorous work. We are also committed to encouraging students to undertake the challenge of Advanced Placement (AP) courses. There are many advantages to completing AP courses. Research suggests that AP students have better four-year graduation rates than those who do not take AP courses. Taking AP courses also increases eligibility for scholarships and makes candidates more attractive to colleges. Eighty-five percent of selective colleges and universities report that a student’s AP experience favorably impacts admissions decisions.

Advanced Placement courses offer the most rigorous curricula and assessments students will encounter in their educational career. As a result, there is a tendency to drop out of AP courses early in the year due to the high volume of work required to prepare for class. Evidence exists that students who remain in an AP course through the first quarter continue to experience success throughout the school year. Furthermore, School Board Regulation 5-26.2 (1d) states, “Advanced Placement (AP) courses may be dropped at the end of the first quarter through the end of the semester.” If possible, the student should be moved to a lower level course in the subject area. The student’s current grade should be transferred forward to the new course. Students who drop the AP course after the last day of the first semester will receive an “E” for the course. Consequently, students will not be able to drop the AP course until the end of the first quarter. Accommodating dropping an AP class to a lower level course may necessitate other changes in the student’s class schedule.

Students who are unsuccessful in the AP class at the end of the first quarter must meet with the teacher to discuss their progress. If it is decided that it is in the best interest of the student to drop the AP course, then a parent/teacher conference must occur with the school counselor to discuss course options. All dropped AP courses must be approved by the principal.

Additionally, all students enrolled in an AP course are expected to take the corresponding exam. If you do not plan to take the AP exam for a course in which you are enrolled, please submit a letter addressed to the principal outlining the circumstances and reasons why you do not plan to take the test prior to AP exam registration closing. This is not an attempt to force students to take an AP Exam. It is designed to ensure students have the necessary information and resources to make an informed decision about their AP tests and their future.
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I understand that AP courses are rigorous and likely require homework each night. *
I understand that all AP students are expected to take the end-of-course AP exam. My enrollment in this course indicates my agreement to pay all applicable fees associated with taking the AP exam. AP exams cost $94 per exam. Fee waivers are available for students that qualify for free/reduced lunch. *
I understand that I will be charged an additional $40 if payment is made after the due date. *
I understand that no AP course schedule changes will be permitted from August 1, 2021 until the end of the first marking period; or after the end of the semester; all changes will be contingent upon space availability and students will be charged $40 to cancel an AP exam. *
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