Lawton Virtual Academy Application
Students must complete the application online
Student application will be reviewed by a committee before an orientation can be scheduled
All students and parent/guardian must attend a mandatory orientation upon acceptance to LVA
All students and parent/guardian must agree to attendance contract
All students and parent/guardian must agree to attending scheduled coaching sessions with their advisors throughout the school year
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Student ID number (if currently an LPS student- if not put N/A) *
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Student First Name *
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Student Address *
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Student LPS Home School (if new to district and do not know please explain) *
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LVA Screening Questions
Is virtual school right for me?
I understand and agree that I will be required to attend advisement/coach sessions with my advisor: *
Do you qualify for free-reduced lunch or are you considered a minority? *
Have you been retained 1 or more years? *
Are you deficient in state testing? *
Have you failed any classes in grades 9-12? *
If yes- how many and which courses?
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Have you ever been in full day in-school suspension? *
If yes, how many times and why?
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Have you ever been in full day out-of-school suspension? *
If yes, how many times and why?
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Have you had any personal crisis or trauma (drug/alcohol abuse, suicide attempts, placement outside of the home, abuse/neglect, pregnant/parenting) *
Have you been involved with the Oklahoma Juvenile Authority (OJA)? *
Have you been involved with Department of Human Services (DHS)? *
Have you previously or are you currently involved in legal/court proceedings? *
Have you ever been enrolled in an Alternative Education Program? *
Have you previously been enrolled in a virtual school, public, private, or charter? *
If yes- where and what grades?
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Online Learning Questions
These questions will help determine if virtual learning is right for you.
If I were to take online classes, the computer I will be using has internet access. *
I am self-motivated. I like to be prepared and get things done ahead of schedule. *
When faced with a problem, I enjoy the challenge of being in a situation where I must figure out a solution to my question. *
When it comes to being responsible, I am good at completing and turning in homework without being told. I plan ahead and have my work completed on time. *
I understand it is my responsibility to schedule my school day and complete my school work. *
I feel I am independent. I can set up my own work schedule and complete my studies without having to be told by someone. *
I would describe my reading skills as above average. I understand material at my grade level and don't mind the challenge of higher-level reading content. I know how to figure out the meaning of what I am reading without help. *
I like to read! I enjoy reading a variety of material, from school work to independent choices. *
When given written directions for an assignment, I prefer trying to follow the directions on my own and will read them over a few more times until I understand them better, before asking for help. *
I express myself well in school work and in formal writing. I like to write letters, stories, and even e-mails to friends. I consider myself a good writer. I like to write in my free time. *
I have use of a computer with internet access at home. *
The computer I will be using for online classes is not more than two or three years old. *
My Internet Service Provider (ISP) is accessed through a TV cable or a DSL or other high-speed line. *
I consider my keyboarding skills and ability average or above average. *
If my computer system has problems, I can solve them by myself or with the help of someone close to me. I am very comfortable working with the computer and the problems I may have. *
I send, receive, and read e-mail almost day to communication with family and friends. I feel very comfortable using e-mail. *
I consider my ability to work with multiple windows, resizing, minimizing, moving and closing windows as excellent. I am able to manage several different windows. *
Briefly describe your ideal school setting and why you think virtual learning will be a good fit for you. *
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