Op Discovery
Drop off: HMCS Discovery 1200 Stanley Park Drive, Vancouver 1830hrs 16 May
Relaxed evening with NZ Exchange Cadets
17 May, Ship tours and harbour tours on RHIBs (Canadian cadets may not get on RHIBs depending on time)
1130 Depart for Playland
1800 Depart for Richmond Night Market
2030 Depart for AITQ
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Will you be staying over night at HMCS Discovery? *
Arrive at 1800 on 16 May
Will you be coming to Playland? *
Cost is $22.00 payable no later than 14 May to the CO
Will you be coming to the Richmond Night Market? *
You will be responsible for your transit ticket to come along on the bus/train.
Can you drive cadets from the Richmond Night Market to AITQ once we're done? *
Pickup at 2030. If Yes, how many cadets can you fit in your car?
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