6th Tomodachi no Iaido Keiko 2018
Dear fellow iaidoka,

we would like to kindly invite you to the 6th Tomodachi no Iaido Keiko, which will take place in Košice on the days
17-18.02.2018 at the Gymnasium Opatovská 7.
It is a great pleasure to us to announce that the keiko will be led by:

Gábor Hábermajer Sensei (5. Dan Iaido, 5. Dan Jodo, 4. Dan Kendo).

Like every year there is also a special part of the program planned for you. This year it will be a Tameshigiri session, when all keiko participants will have the chance to do some tameshigiri and also better understand this part of the Iai training. The cutting mats have been acquired already which is also the reason for the slight fee increase in comparison to the previsou years.

The seminar fee for 2 days is 40 euro.

We are looking forward to seeing you there and spend some great time together doing what we love.
All further information and registration form you can find on www.junsui.sk

Best regards
Róbert Kulcsár
Shin Junsui Do

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