Andalusia School Survey - Part 3
Dear Parent or Guardian: At Andalusia Islamic School, we value your feedback. Please fill out the following quick survey and return it to the main office. Your feedback will be completely anonymous. We appreciate your participation!
Academics & Environment
My children attend
The academic needs of students are met at my child's school (meets state standards - Common Core & Regents) *
Strongly Agree
Students at my child's school respect their teachers *
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Quality of our QAIS (Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies) Department *
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Quran Reading
Quran Memorization
Islamic Knowledge
My child uses his/her accounts for: Think Central, Pearson, Google Classroom and *
Rate the quality of the school's *
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Learning environment
Islamic environment
Effectiveness of homework assigned
Ability of child to do his/her own homework
Standards teachers set for students
Preparation of students for college
Preparation of students to deal with real life problems
Effectiveness of Discipline Polices
Time management skills taught to students
Teacher and student relationship
Relationship among the staff
Staff's impact on my child's behavior
Child's ability to think independently
MORE COMMENTS (OPTIONAL): Please expand upon your assessment of any areas in which our school could improve. We welcome your suggestions and will discuss the results of this survey in our next School Board Meeting
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Please provide your name, phone number or email address if you would like to become part of our PTA and help improve our school
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