ChiaChu Chen Scholarship
The ChiaChu Chen Scholarship honors the life and legacy of ChiaChu Chen, the adoptive father of Hweilu Chen, Director of Finance at NYOS Charter School:

“My father was the 1st generation of college graduate and he supported himself through college with his first job working at Taiwan China Petroleum Company under his high school diploma. He worked during the days and went to school during the nights. After years of commitment, he graduated with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in 1976. My father gave me the real life lessons of determination and hard work which lead me to follow his steps to become a responsible and respectful citizen.”

Provided to a student who demonstrates hard work, dedication, and determination – pillars of ChiaChu Chen’s own character – the ChiaChu Chen Scholarship awards $2,000 annually to one NYOS Charter School junior or senior from 2018 until 2028.

Recipients of the ChiaChu Chen Scholarship will be awarded this scholarship in two segments: 50% of the scholarship the year that it is awarded and the remaining 50% the following year with proof of classes attended (such as a copy of a report card or transcript).

The ChiaChu Chen Scholarship MUST be used for college prep, college, or vocational program costs. Application deadline is midnight, Central Standard Time, on Friday, March 29, 2019.

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