Choir Officer Application - (Spring 2019)
Please fill this out to the best of your ability. Due by Friday Jan. 18th 2019
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Which Position are you interested in Applying for? You may Select more than one. Please read the Officer Duties page to see what job best fits you. *
What do you view is the role of a choir officer in regard to: choir students, choir directors? *
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What skills and or experience do you have that makes you a good candidate for leadership? *
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How do you exhibit and promote the values of the Humble Choir Program? *
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At the Christmas Concert what did you do to help he situation, what could you have done differently? *
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Please tell me why it is important to watch what you say about the Choir Program? *
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A choir officer is exemplified in a person who has daily communication with the choir director. This person is often found volunteering to take on extra tasks when needed. This person has no excuses. This person is one who is constantly upholding his/her scholastic standing and doing everything possible for the needs of the program.
Please rank the statements under each category as follows:
1- Strongly Disagree 2- Disagree 3- Neutral 4-Agree 5-Strongly Agree
As and officer, I can see myself in the above statement. *
As and Officer I will make an excellent role model for all choir members. *
As and officer I will never be never late and always prepared. *
As an officer I will interact with the choir staff in a positive manner. *
As an Officer i know i may have to take the blame (or credit) for someone else for their actions. *
I am dependable and I am going to make wise decisions. *
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