What do you know about the partner countries?
Choose the correct answer
1. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in Istanbul connects the edges… *
2. In which European city did first horse trams appear? *
3. One of the most beautiful resorts in Slovenia is… *
4. What is the highest peak of Slovenia? *
5. Where is the summit of Pico del Teide located? *
6. In which Polish city is the oldest University? *
7. From which animal comes from the name of the Canary Islands? *
8. What kind of industry does Gorlice have a rich tradition of? *
9. Where is the birthplace of Vlad Tepes, which was the inspiration for the character known in pop culture as Dracula? *
10. The birthplace of Saint Nicholasalso is… *
11. Between which the island is divided capital of the Canary Islands? *
12. Which of these caves is one of the most visited by tourists in Europe? *
13. What river flows through Celje ? *
14. In which country was the smallest banknote issued? *
15. More than half of the total area of the Carpathians is located in? *
16. What is the largest Polish city on the Baltic Sea? *
17. In which ocean are the Canary Islands? *
18. What is the highest mountain range in Poland? *
19. Which of the lakes in Slovenia is the biggest? *
20. What ethnic minority lives in Gorlice area? *
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