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Please answer the questions below to help us get to know you and the services you have to offer V for Victory families!
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V for Victory asks that business offer a 50% discount for services offered costing over $25, IF the cost is under $25 we ask that you donate that service/product. Remember we will never ask for your product/service more than once a month!
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Charity Tip Line
Another amazing way you can support local families battling cancer is by adding a "charity tip line" to your receipts. The process is simply and any costumer who is interested in donating to V for Victory can do so right on their receipt. There is no cost to you and everything is handled electronically! If you are interested, someone from our team will reach out to you directly to get this set up.
Are you interested in adding a charity tip line to your receipts?
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End of the Year Donation Receipt
Some organizations request a charitable contribution receipt for filing their taxes. Please let us know if this is something you require and we will make sure to provide one at the end of the year.
We request an end of year receipt
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