Freelance Associate
Register your interest in becoming a Freelance Associate for Solvers Studio
What does it mean to be a Freelance Associate?
We're a service design agency based in the UK with clients around the country in both the private and public sector. Our clients commission us for project and consultation work to help them improve and innovate their services and, whilst we have a core team and members who possess a whole range of skills, sometimes we'll need to call on specific expertise (e.g. UX or UI design) or need to increase our capacity to meet client deadlines. This is when we'll put a call out to our list of Freelance Associates for help.
What do I get paid?
This will be a case-by-case, project-by-project basis. Typically we'll agree a day rate with the Freelance Associate depending on the work, their experience and the skills required.
How do I get notified of the opportunities?
We'll send out an open call via email to all Freelance Associates on our list. If there's an opportunity you're interested in, simply hit the 'respond to brief' button and get in touch. If there's an opportunity that doesn't fit your skills but know of someone else that might be interested, simply encourage them to respond instead.
What do I need to do to be a Freelance Associate?
Simply fill in this form and confirm that you're happy to be contacted by Solvers Studio about future opportunities. It's really that simple (and free).
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