Student questionnaire on job candidates
If you fill this form out more than once (after different talks) please indicate you have done so.
Which candidate are you evaluating?
How did you interact with this candidate? (select all that apply)
Did you find the candidate's research interesting and engaging?
Strongly no
Strongly yes
Would you consider doing research in the candidate's lab?
Based on the talk(s), would you take a class with this candidate?
Did you follow and understand the talk? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the talk? Please specify whether you are referring to the teaching talk, research talk or both.
Your answer
Would you feel comfortable asking this person questions outside of class (office hours, etc)?
Not approachable
Very approachable
Do you think this person would be able to break down complex concepts, and explain them to you in a way you would understand?
Strong no
Strong yes
How will this candidate contribute to the department, in respect to both teaching and research? Does this candidate bring something new to the department?
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What are your overall impressions of the candidate?
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What year are you?
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Have you taken Bio 140?
What is your major?
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