YCP Chapter Board of Directors Application
Young Catholic Professionals (YCP), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is one of the nation's fastest-growing Catholic organizations with chapters in cities across the country and international interest. YCP was founded by a young entrepreneur in 2010 in Dallas with a mission to "Work in Witness for Christ." YCP inspires young professionals to step forward as leaders in their communities and workplaces.

YCP is approached by young adults across the world asking to launch a chapter in their city. We have active chapters in 20 U.S. cities and relationships with Catholics in more than 40 other cities around the world.


What is the purpose of the chapter Board of Directors?
Board members help ensure the integrity of our national mission as well as support the leadership team in an advisory capacity by sharing resources and mentorship.

What does the ideal board member look like?
Ideal board members are devout Catholics, experienced professionals, well-connected community leaders, and passionate about young people and the propagation of the Faith. We typically look for 2-3 young professional board members (20-39 years old) and 6-7 "seasoned" Catholic board members (40+ years old).

What is a board member’s time commitment?
Board members are asked to commit approximately 1 hour per week, attend board meetings (once a quarter), attend some chapter events, and encourage chapter leaders to serve with integrity and ambition.

What is a chapter board member's term?
Per your chapter's board bylaws board members are asked to commit to a two (2) year term, after which you may reapply and serve for an additional 2 terms.


- Please review the links below before completing this application.
- Written responses could be as much as a short paragraph (3-5 concise sentences).

Programs Designed for Every Stage of the Faith Journey
Please review the following prior to completing the application:
1) The Need for YCP: http://bit.ly/1PDoPYP
2) YCP Mission Guide: http://bit.ly/2kjOazB
3) YCP Board Member Role: http://bit.ly/2kk0ujB (all board members will sign this document)

You might also enjoy reading/watching:
- A Short Video About YCP's Model: https://youtu.be/JJkZxJt0GnQ
- TV Interview with YCP Founder, Jennifer Baugh: http://bit.ly/ycpewtn
- Word on Fire Blog about YCP: http://bit.ly/ycpwordonfire

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YCP chapter boards are comprised of 2 types of Board Members in order to benefit from a unique set of spiritual and professional strengths, industry experiences, and network connections.
Chapter Boards are led by a Board Chairman.
To learn more about the Board Chairman Role, click here: http://bit.ly/1W3S6op.
Will you commit to CONTRIBUTING or FUNDRAISING your annual board dues? *
Board Members are asked to contribute annual board dues as the basis of the chapter's annual budget so chapter leaders can focus on building a thriving community, rather than fundraising. Chapter leaders receive training to maintain a chapter budget that is typically under $15k per year, enabling chapters to remain net-neutral with their cash flow. ANNUAL BOARD MEMBER FEES: 40+ years old = $2,500 ; 20-39 years old = $1,250.
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