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Some FAQs:

Do I need to have played before? No, not at all. Full training will be given. You'll be playing the game within about 20 minutes. The game has elements of netball, basketball, playground tag, rugby union and rugby league so if you have played any of those, you will already have some of the skills needed.

Are we allowed to play under Covid restrictions? Outdoor grassroots sport is permitted under regulations of a national governing body. This session is being run by Gecko Touch Rugby Club which is a member club of the England Touch Association. All relevant risk assessments and Covid precautions required by the ETA are being complied with.

Equipment: We're on grass so studs/mouldies will be preferable until the ground dries up- or very grippy trainers/astros.

What are the rules? The main ones are 6-a-side, mixed teams., no kicking. Tackle is a 1-handed touch, player places ball on ground and steps over when touched, defence retreat 7m to get onside, 6 touches to score or possession turns over to other team, rolling subs.

The plan is for this to become a weekly session. The sessions will be refereed/coached as we go, with short breaks for water and to coach small improvements as we go along.

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