Ansar of Lansing
Task force to help refugees in Greater Lansing

Greater Lansing is a welcoming city for refugees and numerous refugees have been settled in the area, and a large number of them are expected to be resettled in coming weeks and months. It is incumbent upon us to help these refugees to assimilate in our communities. Given the troubled environments some have fled from and their familial and social settings, this is an arduous task for them and calls upon us to play a role in facilitating their assimilation.
We are looking for families that can form a one on one bonding with a refugee family and help them heal assists them with their needs. We are seeking willing individuals and families to be part of this task force called the "Ansar of Lansing". Once you sign up and provide your contact information, you will be contacted by one of the coordinators to identify you with a family that you will be requested to bond with and assist.

Other ways to help are with 2 new programs launched by the Islamic Center.

Program #1 ~ Spend a part of your day with a refugee family:
Islamic Center will pair you with a refugee family and provide an interpreter if there is a language barrier. You get to plan the activities, pick and drop the family at your discretion, but with prior arrangement.

Program # 2 ~ Dine with a refugee family.
This is a sponsored program by the IC and Sultan Restaurant that provides you a $50 gift certificate to cover the cost of the refugee meal. The intent should NOT be only one-time dining but to use the opportunity to build a long term relationship with the refugee family. Please register online and ttowards then contact Br. Zubair Ahmad to obtain a gift certificate to put to use towards honoring your guest.

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