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Upon submission, you will be given a link to submit your participation fee for the term. Please submit that fee at your earliest convenience. This term, there will be at $30 discount if you live with another chorus member (spouse, partner, older son/daughter), and a $30 discount for members who refer brand new members to the ensemble ($155 payment option available at checkout for discounts).

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Is there someone in your household (spouse, partner, 18yo child/parent, sibling) that is also in the CCCC this fall, that would qualify you both for a $30 discount? If so, what is their name? (If your answer is no, type "no"). *
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Are you a new member joining the CCCC as a direct result of a current member recruiting you [OR] Are you a returning member who recruited someone brand new to the CCCC? If so, what is your recruit/recruitee's name? (This will also qualify you for the $30 discount. If your answer is no, type "no"). *
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