Tradumàtica Summer School 2020 (July 13 - 31)
This year our translation technologies summer school will be 100% online.
Once you fill out the form below, you will receive our confirmation with 48 hours.
After you receive our confirmation e-mail, you can make the payment and get ready for our summer school.
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Note that although we will try to minimize the number of computer-assisted tools and other software dependent on a single platform, some of our courses/tools that we teach are solely by nature based on Windows operating systems. You may need to run a virtualbox or use a Windows-based computer for some them.
Expectations about this summer school
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Online courses require a reciprocally stable internet connection. While Tradumatica Translation Technologies Summer School will provide to the students the video recordings of the courses and the course materials after live sessions, I understand and agree that some disruptions in the internet connection may occur during live sessions and our summer school will not be held responsible for these momentary disruptions. *
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