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At last year's Season Launch, we announced a process of gathering your input for the creation of the college’s Academic Crest. We sincerely appreciate the work Randall Anthony Communications has volunteered in honing your feedback into imagery.

We are now welcoming your input and impressions before making it official.

Downstage centre is the Maple Leaf from our original logo - it has always had movement and energy, and it dances.

A traditional amphitheater surrounds the maple leaf, placing it center stage. The amphitheater itself is reminiscent of ‘the staircase to higher learning’ from the original logo. The aisles of the amphitheater also create a sense of spotlights being shone onstage.

The ivy leaf is a symbol of Dionysus, the Greek god of the theatre. In classical heraldry, it represents ‘strong and lasting friendship’, honoring the connections students make. The greenery is also a very indirect reference to the oak trees in the provincial coat of arms of Prince Edward Island, as a reference to the College’s roots, through Spirit of a Nation, to the Confederation Centre for the Arts, as well as to our current home in Oak Bay.

The open book above the amphitheater represents scholastic learning while also reminiscent of streaming energy emanating out. The lyre represents the addition of music to the traditional theatre elements.
The shape is circular, a more natural and Indigenous shape - a movement away from the more colonial shield.
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