HotEngine AirDrop
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Reward program participants are welcome to engage with any combination of these channels and services. The reward campaign will run until the end of the ICO (July 31st), or until the budget has been used, whichever comes first.

6 Type of Rewards

Twitter (20%) - Facebook (20%) - Article Writing (20%) - Give Feedback (20%) - Become A HotEngine Friend (15%)
Translation (5%)

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Acceptance criteria for reward campaign
1- List of participants will be updated once per week.
2- After the ICO is finished and before tokens are distributed, the list of participants will be checked again to ensure that everything is accurate.
3- The max amount which one participant can earn during the ICO campaign is 5,000 HEC.
4- If your account activity appears fraudulent (you will be informed), you can contact us and we will resolve the issue quickly. If you are suspected of fraud, you will be removed from the participants list.
5- for more details ;
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