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Welcome to the application form for Student Reporter. We will not use any of your information for promotional activities. Only the information of succesfull applicants will be stored and used for our internal purposes. We are excited to get to know you. Enjoy the application process.
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Even though we belive in inter- or better anti-disciplinarity, it is important to formulate a disciplinary home base (i.e. economic sociology, or political science). We want to get a first impression of where you locate yourself in terms of knowledge background and interest. Tell us more about you as a student.
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Our program is unique because, while you are a student, you are also a reporter. So tell us more about you as a reporter -- your motivations and how you would like to contribute.
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Targeted writing
Conducting interviews
Critical investigation / multiple angles on a story
Story hunting / finding unique and relevant ideas that fit into broader topics
Producing, editing, and sharing VIDEO content
Producing, editing, and sharing AUDIO content
Photography and IMAGE editing
Using social media tools for spreading messages and investigation
Please list five of the most relevant and specific items in your background that show you as uniquely qualified for this job. *
Have you interviewed the Dalai Lama? Have you been an intern at an investigative police department? Have you directed a documentary with Steven Spielberg? Have you played Sherlock Holmes as an actor in your university theater? Tell us here!
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We want to make sure that you know that you will be part of a learning journey but also professional team work. For that reason we want you to commit to the assignment list below.
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