NUI Galway Archives User Survey
This survey is to seek feedback and comments from users of the Archives of the Hardiman Library, NUI Galway. We seek to hear from you regarding your experiences in order to help understand our user's needs and collections usage. All responses are strictly anonymous and confidential. No email addresses are collected.
Q1 - What is your user background *
Q2 -What is your Institution? *
Q3 - What collections discipline did you consult? *
Q4 - How did you find the material you needed to consult? *
Q5 - What was the purpose of your research? *
Q6 - If in a teaching role, do you use archive material in your in-class teaching? *
If yes to above, please give details
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Q7 - Are there barriers to you using more archive material in your teaching and research? (e.g. digital access, copyright restrictions etc.) *
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Q8 - Do you consult archive material from the Library's online and open Digital Repository? *
Q9 - Are there collections you would like to see enhanced digital access to? Please give examples. *
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Q10 - If external to NUI Galway, did you receive any funding support to assist your travel/stay to consult archives at NUI Galway? *
If 'Yes' to above, who was the funding body?
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Q11- Is there an area/discipline of archive material you like like to see developed? Please give details. *
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Q12 - Do you feel you have adequate information on how to cite material from archive collections in your work? *
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Q13 - Are you happy with level of enquiry response times? *
Q14 - Can you easily navigate/find the the relevant information you need on the Archives web-pages? *
Q15 - Are you satisfied with current opening hours for the Archives Reading Room? Would you suggest alternative late/other hours? *
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Q16 - Do you find the Archives Reading a conducive research and learning environment? Please add comments as necessary. *
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Q17 - Overall, how satisfied were you with your user experience? *
Q18 - Any other comments, please add here.
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