Violence in the Workplace Training 2020/2021
Please complete this assessment after you view the Violence in the Workplace training video. The assessment will serve as your proof of completion and acknowledgement of training received for the second component of our mandatory training. As a reminder, you may reference Policy BB for the County's policy on Workplace Violence.

This session focuses on training us in the area of surviving violence or the threat of violence posed by a workplace active threat and empowering us to survive. S.A.V.E Yourself incorporates the most current training philosophies and best practices shared by organizations including; Department of Homeland Security, Department of Justice and the Department of Education amongst other entities. This training will not only be relevant in the workplace, it will also serve us well as we go about our daily lives as the lessons of preparation and awareness he shares are universal.

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The S.A.V.E acronym stands for: Shelter in place, Awareness, Violence stops violence, Evacuate *
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The true first responders to an active killer situation are the people who are there during the incident. *
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One of Mr. Sheehan's takeaways from the session is that your mindset is key to your survival during an active killer situation. *
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The average response time by law enforcement to an active killing incident is less than 3 minutes from the first shot. *
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Interrupting the active killer's OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop can allow time for you to act and become a harder target to hit. *
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You should go through each step of S.A.V.E before moving on to the next action.
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