2012 Hollywood Fringe Sustainability Questionnaire
The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts is proud to present the award for sustainability in production for the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Please submit this form to be considered for this year's award.

This first page contains the only required questions in the entire questionnaire. We recognize that many fringe productions may not have all the answers to all of these questions, therefore all following questions are optional. Of course, the more complete you are, the easier it is to determine your sustainable thoughts, so please fill in as much as you can.

Also, we do hope this will inspire you to have the discussion with your venue about what they're doing to make those things you don't control more sustainable.

This questionnaire should take 10 minutes to complete if you have the technical information for you show handy. Or you can supply a rider for your production to complete the sections on technical production by emailing fringe@sustainablepractice.org. If you chose to email your rider, or any other documentation, please indicate that in the appropriate response fields and be sure to identify your show in the subject of your email.

Thanks for your participation!

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