Landlord Advisory Panel
Brandon Turner and Brian Murray are writing a book on Multifamily Real Estate, and we need help from existing landlords (single family or multifamily) for the book. This is the first survey of a few you might receive over the coming months, just about your rental properties and how they function!

Thank you for being a part of the panel! For those who are in the group and participate, we'll be sending you a digital copy of the book next spring when we launch, to say thanks!

The answers to these questions will help hundreds of thousands of investors in the future, so THANK YOU!
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Watch this video for an explanation of the group's purpose!
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How many rental units do you currently own? *
How many single family rental houses do you own? *
How Many Multifamily Properties do you own? *
How many total rental units do you own? *
Take a look at your 2019 or 2018 Schedule E for a "typical" rental property you own - feel free to do more than one. (Pick something that was rented all year and didn't necessarily undergo a special rehab or some kind of special circumstance. Just a normal rental.) How much did you spend on Repairs (line 14) for this property in that year compared to how much total income you received?
(Feel free to list both numbers, like "Spent $1,000 on repairs, gross rents were $10,000)
Using the same property (or properties) you just gave in the previous question, how much did you spend on Capital Expenditures (replacements such as roofs, stoves, carpet, etc that must be deducted over multiple years, rather than repairs?) during the year?
Thank you!
Thats it for now! Brandon will reach out in the future with some additional questions. We REALLY appreciate you taking the time to answer these questions!

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