🌻Garden Plot Rental Form🌻
Plots are rented out for the WHOLE YEAR for a one-time payment of only $25, with an early bird special of $15 for those who sign up and pay by 3/20. These funds are used to provide soil, supplies, tools, and staffing for the campus gardens.

WE DO NOT WANT TO TURN ANYONE AWAY FOR BEING UNABLE TO PAY! Scholarships are available for students, faculty, and staff who would like to rent a plot but would have difficulty paying the full price of the rental. To apply for a scholarship, please email Christina at slccgarden@gmail.com BEFORE FILLING OUT THIS FORM and briefly explain your financial situation and why you are interested in renting a plot from us.

Clubs may be able to complete a service project in lieu of the rental fee, but also must ask us about this.
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If you are not affiliated with SLCC, please email Christina at slccgarden@gmail.com explaining why you are interested in renting a plot from us. We will do our best to accommodate you.
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