September Crown Tournament 2017
Please fill out this form in it's entirety. By doing so you are preregistering for the September Crown Tournament, AS 51, 2017 Gregorian. I will be sending a confirmation emails to those who's preregistration I have received every few days, if you do not receive a confirmation email within a week, please contact me at to troubleshoot. Preregistration deadline is Wednesday August 30th at 8pm.

If you lack a piece of the information needed to fill out the form, please contact me for an alternative preregistration process and troubleshooting.

I welcome your feedback about the google form, and the multiple preregistration process! Thank you!
HL Rose Atherton
An Tir Minister of Lists

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Duke, Count, Viscount, Sir, Squire, Man of Arms. Does not include non-marshal awards. If you don't have one enter n/a.
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Please list whether you are a squire, or man-at-arms, and to whom you are in fealty. If you are not in fealty, type n/a.
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Enter up to three branches in which you attend fighter practice.
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Enter SCA and Modern name. You may include titles, but it is not necessary.
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Any feedback about using Google Forms, or allowing people to transfer their preregistration to future events?
Thank you for your thoughts! I am trying to make the preregistration process as fast, easy and convenient for everyone involved as I possible can.
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