Lecanto School Of The Arts - Program Overview & Application
To be considered for admission to the Lecanto School of the Arts, you must try to do your very best on all areas of the screening process. To apply for Lecanto School of the Arts, complete this online application. Qualified applicants will be accepted if space is available through August 2019.
*NOTE: Creativity and artistic skills will be weighted higher than other assessed areas.

You will be assessed by:
1.) your creativity
2.) your level of drawing skills
3.) your discipline, attendance, grades and FSA scores.

Bus transportation for Out-of-Zone students is provided per yearly school board approval.

Note - Be prepared to complete and submit your application in one session as it does not save if you stop and return to the application later.

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Provide specific details about your experience with art creation using technology. *
Which LSA Pathway are you MOST interested in? *
If accepted into the LSA Program, what additional programs are of interest to you in addition to LSA?
In the box below, write a short essay of no more than 150 words answering the following prompt: "People often create art in response to cultural and political movements taking place in the world. If you had to create a piece of art in response to a current event, what would you choose to respond to—and how would you use art to do so?" *
Design an original three paneled comic strip with narration using images and characters of your own creation. This may be done digitally or by hand. If created by hand, please include a picture of the comic strip, cropped and rotated properly before uploading. *
Upload an exterior space you've drawn using 2 point perspective. *
Upload a visual representation you've created of your inner critic as a monster. Think creatively! This can be drawn & scanned, done digitally, or in video form. *
Please submit five (5) samples of your best artwork. These can be images of your work scanned and uploaded or digitally drawn. Some of the work should be drawn or sculpted from direct observation. Please do not include works from other artists that you have copied. i.e. Mickey Mouse, Manga, Celebrity drawing etc. *
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