Pocket Code 1.0.x: News & feedback
Below is a list of the many new features since the last public release. Additionally, we have added new translations and fixed many bugs.

You can tell us below which of the new features you like, and further below also tell us what future features you would want us to implement next.

Note 1: Tap on the ? at the top right on the main page of Pocket Code to open the help pages, or go to https://wiki.catrobat.org/

Note 2: We are pro-bono unpaid volunteers working in our free time on this not-for-profit free open source project. Our apps will always remain free of ads and free of costs, so please give us some slack if we cannot solve bugs or add features immediately. Wanna join us, e.g., to help us translate Pocket Code into your language? See https://catrob.at/contributing --- More on the project: https://www.catrobat.org/ 

Note 3:  The new version does not support Android 5.x anymore. There were too many problems and incompatibilities, so we finally dropped supporting these old versions (phones sold from 2014-2015 - note that Google guarantees security updates only for three years even for their own phones). If you are a user who is using older versions of Android, you could consider upgrading your phone with a third party system image, e.g., LineageOS (but make sure to get it from a secure, official site, otherwise the phone may get infected) or buy a phone with a newer Android version (if money is an issue, a second hand, used phone might be an option - they usually are much cheaper).
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The following features are new as of 2021/4/16. Let us know which of the changes and additions you liked!
Here you can vote for future features!
Bugs you found
Please find out which bugs are already known here: https://jira.catrob.at/projects/CATROID/issues/ --- you can also, more efficiently, report bugs directly here: https://jira.catrob.at/secure/CreateIssue.jspa?pid=11800&issuetype=1 --- for examples, see https://jira.catrob.at/browse/CATROID-855 or https://jira.catrob.at/browse/CATROID-847 --- this method to report bugs directly via https://jira.catrob.at/secure/CreateIssue.jspa?pid=11800&issuetype=1 allows to avoid duplicate reports, and also allows us to understand the bugs earlier and better. The more precise you report the bug, the better. Ideally please add screenshots and/or a video explaining how to reliably reproduce the bug. If your explanation is not clear, and we cannot contact you, then we can't fix the bug easily. Therefore, if unsure, add your address in the last field.
What do you think should be changed or improved in Pocket Code in general?
Your feedback to the developers
Do you want to contribute?
Please put your email address in the field below. Pocket Code is a free open source software project developed by volunteers from all over the world. You can contribute in many ways, not only as a developer but also helping with translations, contributing designs, helping to specify future features, and much more. For some ideas, please see https://catrob.at/contributing
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