DerbyCon 8.0 Evolution - Call for Workshops
Use this form if you are looking to submit a workshop event to DerbyCon. This form is meant for organized events, not a submission of suggestions. We will be sending out a survey after the conference for suggestions. All submitted workshop events will be reviewed by the DerbyCon organizers. If accepted, DerbyCon will reach out via the email address provided in this form. An accepted workshop event provides admission to each workshop host. DerbyCon does not provide reimbursement for travel and expenses. Please keep in mind that space is very limited and we can only chose a select handful of workshops. DerbyCon reserves the right to limit the number of attendee badges given to workshop event hosts, to be shared amongst the hosts. Follow @DerbyCon for additional announcements
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We at least need a single full name of the workshop event hosts. Provide full name and and email address of each workshop event host as well.
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If yes, indicate where it was held.
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Some events can be held without room requirements, such as an event that occurs outside of the venue or in the lobby, bar, at the concert etc
Amount of space required if a room is needed
Indicate number of square feet
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If multiple days, breakdown the ideal hours for each day
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Let us know a demographic of who will be interested in attending the event/workshop
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We can provide wired/wireless internet, let us know if the entire room needs to be wired. Small/short round and rectangular tables with chairs can be provided, indicate how many of each. Indicate if a screen and projector and mic/speakers is required
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