Virtual Bootcamp Application
Hey there!

First, BIG congrats to you on taking the first step towards your health and wellness journey! I am so excited for the opportunity to help guide you along the way, while sharing any helpful tips that I can to help you get started on the right foot! I can't wait to get to know you better and figure out a game plan to help you reach your goals over these next few months, AND AFTER!

A little about me! I am a mother of 2 (the biggest job), a nurse, and a puppy lover. I am absolutely addicted to chocolate and am a bit of an amateur cook. I have Celiac disease and though switching to a gluten-free lifestyle has been an adjustment for sure, I am working through it! I workout so that I can be ME and offer my best self to others. I love helping women reach their fitness goals and try to provide the guidance that I wish I had when I first started out.

I am so excited for you to join this fitness community, get amazing results, and FEEL INCREDIBLE!

There is nothing sexier than a woman who feels confident in her own skin! I'm so excited for you!

Please fill out this form so that we can set some amazing goals for you!

Talk to you soon!

Shelly Johnson

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