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What are your goals after High School? What Job or Career do you want have/be doing? *
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Do you think if students fail 7th grade they should be able to go on to 8th grade? *
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What was your favorite things you did in 7th grade? *
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Could you beat Mr. Youngs in basketball? *
How hard you tried all year? *
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Is there anything Mr. Youngs could do differently for the rest of this year to help you succeed in school or to achieve your goal? *
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How would you rate Mr. Youngs as a teacher? *
worst teacher I've ever had and boring
Best teacher ever
How did you feel when other people came into extended core classroom to teach a lesson? *
dumb idea, it wasn't helpful
Excellent Idea
What color is a giraffe's tongue? *
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What color is a polar bears skin? *
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