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What is it about?
At www.TourismFromZero.org, we have already collected more than 200 ideas on how to move tourism "from zero to hero".

Based on ideas we received from several students in April 2020 on the topic of "local zero-tourism experience", we invited them to join the #LFZ team. Together, we have started to develop www.LocalsFromZero.org

Our original goal was to identify and promote providers of all kinds of "secret" and (mostly) rural experiences that can spice up travel routes in any part of the world. To do this, our team realized that we needed highly dedicated and technically skilled local scouts to find such providers and take care of their promotion, booking and online customer service.

We immediately started testing the idea in the field. As we speak, the first student scouts are already making contacts with local artisans, experts and other interesting neighbors (who can be found in the scouts' home villages and towns).

We are also conceptualizing online booking procedures for (1) when and (2) how many people can visit these hidden gems and experience what they do. Scouts will collect the data and will take care of the scheduling and online communication between the tourists and their scouted experience providers.

And - we are looking for new scouts to join the project!

In the initial test phase, visitors will pay directly to experience providers, and #LFZ scouting will be voluntary. When the test phase is finished (**), we plan to charge booking fees, of which we want to give you, #LFZ Scouts, a fair share.

(** Depending on the pace of development of the project and the pandemic situation, we are optimistic to get there sometime in the summer Northern Hemisphere months of 2020.)

If you are interested in the project and in helping tourism in your part of the world to rise "from zero to hero", fill in the following questions. We will contact you with further information.

More info: locals@tourismfromzero.org
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I seek out the opinion of those who have tried new products or brands before I try them
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I never buy something I don't know anything about with the risk of making a mistake
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