Training Tuesdays 3 Workshop
Hi guys! This is the registration form for the Training Tuesdays 3 workshop!

This workshop will be hosted online on Zoom.
The workshop will be held on Tuesday 23rd February from 5:15pm to 7:15pm!

Deadline to apply: Sunday 21st February at 23:59 CET
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Part 1: Registration Form
Name and surname *
MD year *
Do you acknowledge that you may feature in photographs/screenshots taken during the event which may be shared on MMSA's Facebook pages and/or Instagram accounts? *
Have you ever attended a training session on interview skills? *
If you answered Yes to the previous question, which organisation/s provided you with this training?
Part 2: Pre-Evaluation Form
This is the pre-evaluation form for this workshop!

Important notes to read:
* Answers are analysed as a whole to see the impact of the workshop on all participants in total - NOT individually, meaning we will not look at individual answers;
* Impact is evaluated through overall comparison between pre-evaluation and post-evaluation forms, therefore, please answer the questions as honestly as possible for better impact assessment;
* This is a questionnaire, not an exam. It is alright not to know, as you’re supposed to also learn during the workshop. Once again, we are not looking at individual outcomes;
* A similar form will be sent for the post-evaluation after the workshop

Please take note that in order to receive a certificate, you will need to fill out both pre- and post-evaluation forms.
Name and surname *
The name you write here will be on your certificate, so write it correctly please. Also, please use the same order of name and surname that you used in the pre-evaluation form to help us with analysing the results and issue certificates accordingly.
Email address *
In order to send you a certificate we need a valid email address that you regularly use. Please also write the same email address in the post-evaluation form that will be sent after the workshop.
What are some of the strategies you know to help you excel in an interview? *
How prepared do you feel, in terms of soft skills, for an interview falling under the medical curriculum? *
Not prepared at all
Very prepared
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