The Brownsville Hub Cooperative (BHC) is a community-member driven initiative designed for Brownsville residents to achieve Economic Mobility. The BHC works to generate revenue as a community, and to disrupt systems that contribute to a lack of economic progress. BHC members will receive access to job training, financial literacy education programs, business and home ownership opportunities.  Membership is free and open to community residents aged 16 and over.

The initiative is funded by the Robin Hood Foundation and managed by the BHC Steering Committee (Brownsville Community Justice Center, Central Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation, Community Board 16, and the Youth Design Center).  

The model will build individual and collective community economic mobility through five focus areas: (1) access; (2) ownership; (3) self-sufficiency; (4) youth development; and (5) civic engagement.

BHC engages community residents via the Brownsville Hub Cooperative website -

Please fill out the registration form to become a member today. Please be sure to share with friends and family!  

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